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FIVE Ways to Accessorize Any Outfit

Something that you should know about me is that I absolutely LOVE accessories. Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with accessories, whether it was rings or purses,you name it. I love when I'm out and I see someone with a great handbag or some super cute earrings. I personally believe accessories, or lack there of can make or break an outfit. Accessories are so easy to find and order,

So here I am today, to share with you FIVE different ways you can accessorize an outfit. See my latest Instagram post on how I made my look a little more dazzling, with the help of my favorite accessory. Going casual or dress? It doesn't matter, I got you. KEEP READING to find out more.

1) Jewlery- this is one of the main ways to accessorize an outfit. I am personally a big fan necklaces and earrings. These two pieces can add so much to an outfit and make it a little more dressy. Depending on what style you're going for it's still very easy to find jewelry to match. I love a great pair of studs when I'm casual, but my go-to choice for earrings are hoops of course. I also love dangle earrings, especially in bright colors, which are perfect for the summer time. I have an apple watch, so I wear that majority of the time. When I'm little dressier I grab something a little more stylish.

2) Hats & Head Scarves- Who doesn't love a hat? Whether its a beanie, beret, baseball hat, or fedora. Hats are a great accessory as well, whether wanting a casual or more dressy look. Y'all I really wish I had the perfect head shape for the big hats. 1st of all those hats never fit me so I'm extremely jealous of girls who can pull it off. Head scarves - either plain or designed. Headscarves can make an outfit look even better. I mostly see great inspiration looks during the summer. I mostly see women wear them in the summer.

3) Purse/Bag - okay, this is hands down my favorite accessory. I've have had an obsession with purses since I was young. I have a whole collection of bags, which is slightly a problem, since I'm running out of room to place them. I love bags of all kinds, big or small. I think a purse is the perfect staple piece to an outfit because there are so many different sizes, designs, and colors. My current purse obsession right now is the Marc Jacob tote bags. It comes in three different sizes and many different colors / designs.

4) Scarf- It's winter time, the snow and cold weather are not letting up anytime soon. A scarf will not only keep you warm, but it adds layers to your outfit. Typically I like thicker scarves, because they keep you so warm. A style or color scarf can really make an outfit pop!

5) Sunglasses - these are always great to have on you, I personally keep a pair in my car at all times. It's good for those super sunny days or when driving and the sun is in your eyes. Sunglasses can really set the mood of the look you're going for. If I'm more casual, I would probably grab a pair of all black or brown glasses. If I am dressy, I go for the colorful pair of shades, or a pair that has a fancy design.

The one thing I love about fashion is that there are endless amounts of looks you can rock. No matter if its clothing or the accessories, switching up your look is good for the soul. If you ever feel like you need inspiration just go to Pinterest, its a life saver. I hope this gave you some insight on was to make your look even GREATER! Share with me in the comment section what your favorite accessory is.

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