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Afternoon Tea - The Drake Hotel Chicago

Hello everyone!

I feel its been a while since I have written a blog post, I have been super active on my Instagram page. I’ve been loving creating reels recently, and I’ve been a little busy these days. I had the best experience and trip down memory lane a few weeks ago. I went to afternoon tea, in Chicago, and I wanted to blog about why this was so special. What it means to me, and for you all to learn about a fun experience to do in the city.

Growing up my grandmother would take us (my cousin, sister, and I) downtown to the Drake Hotel to have afternoon tea. It was such an experience, especially to three young black girls, who I would say only experienced luxury on occasion at that time. It was an experience to say the least, one that I will forever cherish and have as a memory of my granny and family. It’s really the smallest things that make the most special memories/ traditions. As I’ve grown, I’m so appreciative of certain things I was able to experience in my life. This is one of those experiences.

We would dress our absolute best, Shirley (my grandmother) wouldn’t have it any other way. My granny is definitely is the reason for many experiences I had growing up, it’s amazing to reflect on this way she impacted my life. Everything about going to tea is beautiful; when you step in the doors of the Drake Hotel its breathtaking, the art, the velvet railing, the beautiful flower centerpiece arrangement in the dining room, just to name a few.

To honor my grandmother as it was approaching a year of her passing, my cousin planned a special tea date. It was the first time I had been back since being with my grandmother many years before. It was a great time, there was a live harpist, I picked the tea I wanted, had a cocktail, or two. There was a tower of finger sandwiches and desserts provided. It’s something so simple, yet so nostalgic and fun to do with my family. Girl Talk is always fun at tea and I think it’s something women can do with their friends/family.

I know my granny is looking down on me. I hope she’s proud of me and all that I’ve accomplished and the dreams I have yet to fulfill.

If you want to see my experience at The Drake check out my Instagram page @talkswithtayy OR click the IG icon at the bottom of the screen.


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