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Places You Should Visit In Nashville - Food, Shopping, Bars

Updated: May 11, 2021

There is no place like home, but Nashville definetly has a piece of my heart. That's the place I grew into the woman I am today and I have so many reasons I why I love it. Since I had the opportunity to go recently, I want to share some of my favorite places to visit when I'm there.

In my opinion, Chicago has some of the best food EVER, but there are a few places in Nashville that have my heart. If you ever find yourself to be in Nashville one day, you can visit a place on this list below. From dining to shopping and adventures that you could explore when visiting.


  1. CHOPT - super healthy option, they have salad, soup, warm bowls, etc. I recommend the warm Chicken Tinga bowl. YALL it is so good!

  2. EMMY SQUARED - this is a cute restaurant known for pizza & burgers. Personally, I love the personalized pie & salad.

  3. 12 South - stores, restaurants, bars, sweets, etc. If you're traveling to Nashville for the first time you should definitely make this a stop. This is a great area to meet up with friends, try out a new restaurant or even deserts. Also, there are murals everywhere along 12 south to take great pictures.

  4. Green Hills- the place for elite shopping such as LV, GUCCI, and Burberry. They have great dining options attached to the mall as well.

  5. B R O A D W A Y - if you’re visiting Nashville for this first time or even if you’re traveling back. Broadway is great place to bar hop & hang out with friends. Due to limited spaces in bars, the wait time to get in was a little crazy but it was still fun.

A very short list of places that I tackled in just TWO days but it was so much fun. If you ever find yourself visiting, refer back to my list of places to visit. YOU won't regret it!

Until next time,



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