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Currently Carrying: COACH edition

I have a pretty serious addiction to purses and bags of any kind. I decided to share with you all what bag I’m currently obsessing over.

This month I am carrying this beauty 💜💜 and its COACH. The color purple is perfect for the spring and the size of the bag is even better. Something smaller than what I normally carry & it’s very petite. It has three different straps to style in any way. I love VERSATILITY.

COACH is a very nice & affordable brand. Coach is actually my biggest brand collection I have. This was the first designer brand I ever experienced carrying. as I’m sure it’s most girls first intro to designer..

Whatever is cute & looks good on me is what I typically go for. No matter the brand. You make the piece, the piece doesn’t make you! ✨

let me know in the comments below if you would like for me to do this monthly?


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