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Facts About Me!

Some of you viewing this may know me personally, but for those that don't this blog post will be all facts about me. I feel it's very important for those who will be reading my blog to know some backround information first. So let's do it!

Birthday : I'm a Taurus and my birthday is in May

Favorite Color : My favorite color is.. honestly it used to be very specific but now depending on the day it changes. (Either Dark blue, anything pink or nuetral)

Siblings : I have 1 sister and she's my best friend

Pets : I have three dogs - Benji, Belle, and Sammie

Where are you from? : It's easier to say I'm from Chicago because its only 30 mins away and who knows where Crete is??.. RIGHT

School : I am currently in my last semster of college and my major is Journalism

I love fashion and shopping. I'm all about catching great deals. Since fall is approaching Ill start to share my fashion more. So make sure to keep up with my IG page.

Holiday : Fall & winter are my favorite time of year. The holidays are everything to me because I get to decorate, cook great food, and spend time with my family. Also, who doesn't love fall fashion? I love adding layers

Favorite Food : Mexican - fajitas and a marg does me right

Italian - I LOVE pasta and some good wine

Favorite TV Show : Anything reality tv - it's my guilty pleasure :) I know all the reality tv shows and the celebs

Favorite Movie : I'm a big fan of many movies, but here are my top picks

The Devil Wears Prada, Best Man Holiday, & Sex in the City

Favorite Artists : right now its GUNNA & MULATTO.. I'll share my playlists one day.

Favorite Place to Travel - Orlando, FL is my second home and Mexico

Something I can't live without : my purse - my entire life is in there

Well I hope throughout this post you got to know a little more about TAYY and who I am. Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

xoxo, TAYY


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