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How I Relax On The Weekends

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

" Hello Weekend "

After a long week and no plans for the weekend, I am excited to spend the weekend at home and relax. Keep reading this post to see what my "stay at home" plans are.

Right now, as I look out my window, I see it's raining and I know this weekend is the perfect time to stay at home and do things that I normally don't have time for during the week. The Fall season is approaching and I'm so excited about the weather change. Before you read any further into this post, grab your drink of choice, a cozy blanket, and continue on.

  • First, I grab my favorite morning drink, which is either an iced coffee or Dunkin Donuts crafted drink.

  • Since I didn't have that much time during the week, I plan to get some cleaning done. Such as laundry, organizing my room, and workspace ( I'm a very organized person most of the time, so this was a MUST GET DONE )

  • I wash my hair every week and today is wash day. Since I'm doing a little extra for self-care I'm going to do my favorite hair mask (which I'll show on my IG stories )

  • Skincare is so important, so adding I'm adding a face mask to the mix

  • Fall is almost here, which means time for NEW CLOTHES. I'm looking at all my favorite online stores. Ex. Fashion Nova, Boohoo, Banana Republic & Old Navy.

  • Organize: Now that I have some time, I can organize my planner and all assignments for the upcoming week. I also have time to organize my content for my blog and social media pages.

  • When relaxing, it's so important to be in your favorite comfy clothes. It really sets the tone of how cozy your day will be. For me, that's normally a t-shirt and some long pants now that it's getting cold.

  • Pinterest. Getting on Pinterest is one of my favorite things and I have so many boards. I love this time to let my mind wander and get creative.

  • Baking: I love making cookies or brownies for a sweet treat for everyone in my home. Baking/cooking is good for the soul

  • I'm going to end my night with a movie :)

I think most of us have learned during the pandemic to slow down and pay attention to certain details. Taking better care of myself and the spaces around me is something I've been working on. So make sure that you take some time to yourself. Whether its an entire day full of your favorite restful activities or if it's just 15-20 minutes. Taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Till next time



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