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It's Been A Minute...


I know... I know. It has been a long time since I've written a blog post. Its' crazy to think my last blog was posted in December of last year, sharing what was next for me.

The start of this year took me by storm, I've grown so much since entering my Masters program. This semester was everything but sweet, it was a huge adjustment to starting school again. While it was a lot, I'm so grateful for everything that Ive learned so far. Also, the way I've been pushing myself to accomplish things I haven't yet.

While I missed writing creatively, the unintentional break was definitely needed in a time of transition. There were so many points throughout the semester I wanted to write. Whether it was sharing an experience, tips, new outfits, etc. I just couldn't muster up the energy to write a great blog post. Being a creative is amazing yet so draining sometimes, having to turn on my creativity to work and classes was already taking a lot of my gas. Creator burnout is real and I've seen many people who are in my line of work and study express the same emotion.

I'm so hard on myself sometimes because I take this space so seriously. Anything I do, I do it with the best intentions and set out to be as consistent as possible. I want to create the best content I can, while staying true to who I am and what I want to share with everyone. Sometimes social media can be a lot and that can carry into whenever I feel in a rut. But I remember that this space is for my to do whatever I want. Whether it's writing consistently, or sharing fun content on my social media pages. This is a hobby and something I created to showcase my different talents that I've picked up throughout the last few years. I'm now in a space where I feel settled into my schedule regarding school and work. Adulting is prioritizing your time and focusing on the things that are most important in that present moment. For me, that was doing my very best in school and my job.

I've still been in creator mode even though my writing slowed down, I started a Podcast! (Now available on Spotify) this podcast was inspired by a class I took last quarter. I've always been interested in entrepreneurship and I one day dream to have my own business. So I thought it would be an amazing idea to interview different business owners from all around. In the interviews so far I've learned the stories and creations from business owners of different professional backgrounds and ethnicities. I'm so excited to keep going with this, this project is something I am doing simply as a learning tool. So that when they time comes I'll be equipped with unbelievable knowledge from those who I've had the opportunity to speak with. If becoming a business owner is something your interested in please check out my podcast ----->

While I've been away my blog has continued to grow tremendously. The numbers of new members just take me by surprise. I'm so grateful to everyone who reads my content and joins this space. I appreciate all the love, support, reads, messages, etc.

This is just my welcome back post. So, see ya soon! ✌🏽

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