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It’s My Birthday - Saying Good-Bye to 22

I love the month of May for so many reasons, but the most important reason is it’s my Birthday Month!!! I am a taurus woman through and through, my family calls me a little bull. I am so excited to celebrate my birthday this year, going into it with a positive attitude and mindset. It's funny I was just having a conversation with my best friend and we were talking about how different things are from a year ago. So here I am doing some reflecting and sharing how far I’ve come.

When I turned 22 I already knew I was in for a treat, it was already a crazy year. 1) we were in the middle of a whole pandemic and 2) I was about to enter my last semester of college from HOME. ((( I DO NOT RECOMMEND))) I was entering one of the toughest years of my life, not fully knowing what to expect or what would come of it. Though there were so unexpected changes this year I have learned so much about myself and how important it is to nurture yourself.

At the beginning of the year I promised myself to get healthier; mind, body, and soul. I was determined to work towards being the best & HEALTHIEST version of myself. I knew I had lots of work to, it wasn’t just about physical changes, but emotional and spirtitual changes. I have really come to know God in a way that I never opened my eyes to before. Prayer, journaling, and devotion time has become a HUGE part of my daily routine. Something this small affects the tone of my day so much.

In the process of trying to get yourself together, life continues to throw challenges at you. Every day I am seeing myself handle things differently; I talk differently, I move different, I speak positivity into all situations. Changing my mindset, outlook of life, and how I can go about achieveing my goals. It's amazing to look at life a year ago from today, I can't express enough how blessed I am to be able to say my situation is so different.

When we are in the middle of a BIG storm, sometimes it's hard to imagine what good will come from a situation. It's easy to question why certain events are taking place, and even why it had to happen at a specific time. I had many days where I questioned everything. However, if I would've told you I would be where I am a year ago today, I would have questioned it. So here I am enjoying the present moment, grateful for a fresh start, a renewed mind, body, and soul. Im saying goodbye to 22 and welcoming in the year of 23!

Twenty three is definitely my COMEBACK year. A year where I plan to be more loving and nurturing to myself. Putting myself as a priority and not feeling bad about it, saying no to things that no longer serve me, and doing everything that bring me happiness. I deserve so many great things and I am determined to accomplish everything I set my mind to.

Cheers to 23 and a year full of happiness, health, and prosperity.

Until Next Time,



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