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Before all you basketball lovers read any further into this blog post; please know I am not referring to the NCAA March madness tournament. So sorry.

While the month of March may be over I recently reflected on some personal goals that I had for the month. Also how I approached my theme/ saying for the month. In March it was “hustle“ & that’s exactly what I did! The month went by so fast that I didn’t realize how hard I was going in the moment.

March was madness because it was something going on every single weekend for me. These things kept me super busy and always on the go, which has been different since the pandemic caused many of us to be at home. Now I am fully vaccinated and I feel ready to tackle anything. I will make sure to keep myself safe my wearing a mask in public spaces, but I'm more comfortable with going out now. I definitely needed this month to get me in the groove to getting out again. So while this month was full of madness and chaos, it helped me in so many ways. It's so crazy how we have basically been confined to our homes for an entire year because of COVID. Now, I'm having to try to become comfortable with going out of the house again.

Goals for myself this month were.. :

  • Continue with my exercise and diet change.

  • Finish my book and continue my devotional

  • Anything self care - things that make me happy, relaxing, driving, doing my hair, etc.

This is just to name off a few, but creating a list of goals monthly has helped me tremedously. It helps me to stay consistent, motivated, and driven. Setting monthly goals for myself has added so much extra confidence and motivation to who I am. I have been in a mind set where I only see myself moving UP & FORWARD. Setting goals is a way to elevate myself within my own space and work as well. I struggled for a while finding a way to get motivated to do anything from home. Now that I have found something that works for me and has made me mentally & physically better, I feel great. My theme for march was hustle and that's exactly what I did. This month I wanted to push myself and give it my all every single day if I could. Some days were way better than others, but I'm learning not to sweat the small stuff.

This went so well that I am so excited for the month of April and everything that's in store. I have a new perspective that will help me accomplish what I need to.

sidebar - this spring weather has really been amazing. I love that it's sunny all the time, mainly because I open my windows to let the natural light into my room. The weather has definitely motivated me to get up & moving.

This post will be going out just 6 days into this beautiful new month. However, I still want to know how to do you tackle your monthly goals? Let me know in the comments below. DON'T FORGET to keep up with my social media. Just click on the icons above!!!

Until next time,


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