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Let's Talk: My Favorite Online Stores

I love shopping. What girl doesn't? I personally like to shop in person, I like to see and feel what I'm purchasing, especially if it costs a lot of money. Of course, when the pandemic hit, many stores had to close leaving businesses to really up their game, with promotion on their websites. So today, I want to give you a list of my favorite online stores that I always shop from.

I typically don't stick to one online store, I shop wherever I find a great deal or something super cute. I believe fashion and style come from within, I love that I am still figuring out my style and what I like. As a tall woman, I have to order plus size clothing, and plus size clothing isn't always great from every business. I promise you, I have ordered things that I thought would be true to size and they weren't. So below are stores that I have had great success with. In some of the stores that will be listed below, I will talk specifically about what items I typically purchase.

  • Fashion Nova- Alright, I know this is a big hit or miss with a lot of people. However, I have a lot of luck with this store. When I typically order, it's their jeans because they fit so comfortably. I also feel their jeans last a long time if taken care of properly. After washing their jeans, I suggest to air dry them. I know many have has problems with their shipping, or, missing items, but I've never had any problems.

  • SHEIN- I discovered this store on Instagram and once I went to their website and saw how affordable their clothes are, I was sold. I have ordered many things from SHEIN, typically I do 1 or 2 big orders. Over the summer I was looking for cute vacation/summer clothes. I saw there was an 80% off sale, so I went a little crazy. I would just highly suggest looking at their size chart and also the materials that the clothing is made out of. (depending on materials, it could fit very differently, and you may have to go up or down a size.)

  • BooHoo- I haven't ordered from this online store too many times, but everything that I purchased so far I like. I think this is another store where you have to pay attention to sizing and materials. If you saw my most recent Instagram post, the item im wearing is from here. It’s an oversized shirt, but it can be worn as a dress too!

  • Marc Jacobs- I bought a cute tote bag from this online store! I found it very easy to navigate their website and my order didn't take long to ship. I loved that this high-end fashion brand is on after-pay. I recommend looking into their bags if you're looking for something of quality. They may have a sale every now and then, but this brand's prices stay the same. Great investment tho!

  • Ulta- Most of my beauty essentials come from Ulta. Whether it's hair, body, makeup, perfume, etc. Ulta has it all. I like to shop in-store, but sometimes depending on products or sales, I purchase online too. I love buying their body scrubs, which have recently been all sold out in stores due to their sale. So having the app/online store helps when I can't find something, or I just need to stock up.

  • This isn't a specific store, but I have already suggested it to so many people, and they now actively use it. After Pay. It's a lifesaver! Where you shop with any company they work with and pay up to 4 different installments. They have so many different companies affiliated with them. From what is considered the low end to high-end fashion, plus it always lets you know which company has the best sales going on. Other companies like after pay that I've used as well are Quad Pay & Klarna.

Tell me in the comments below what your favorite online store is. I love discovering new places to shop, so please SHARE. Be sure to follow my Instagram page to keep up with extra content and blog post information.

Until next time,


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Mocha Hopkins
Mocha Hopkins
Jan 13, 2021

Tayy thank you for sharing these stores with me I’m definitely going to check out SHEIN and Fashion Nova. I love shopping too and my go to for a lot of items is both QVC and HSN. Being a gadget girl I’m able to find them items want use their installment plan which is 4 to 5 months. One of my favorite boutiques is Essential Elements and I’ve shopped their site using After Pay. They both ship and allow you to come in to pick up.

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