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How to Plan The Perfect Trip

Now that the world is opening back up and it's safe to travel again, I definitely have a few trips in the works. I recently went to Florida to kick it off, and it was the best getaway with family. Orlando is considered to be our second home, so being back was amazing and we had the best time. Since everyone is looking to get away and plan trips, let me share some important tips & tricks to help you plan out the perfect vacation.

Keep reading this blog to get more details on how to prepare for a trip & ways to make your vacation the perfect get-a-way.

  • Hotel - booking a hotel is one of the most important parts to traveling. Normally when I go on vacation, most time I stay at a resort/hotel. If you have a timeshare this really helps because more than likely you're booking with points. However, if you do not have a timeshare, do your research on the best hotels in that area. As well as prices for each night OR if you are a fan of AirBnb I would price that out as well.

  • Flights - most time I plan my trips out months, or at least a year in advance. This gives time to find inexpensive flights, or depending of the travel destination, extra time to save money for the flight. Southwest is the airline I use the most, inexpensive, you get 4 bags in total, two checked and two carry ons. However, I like United Airlines as well. The airline you pick really depends on your budget and how much you or the ones you're traveling with are willing to pay.

  • Car rental - Figure out a budget your comfortable with for the time frame of your trip. Prices on rental cars have been crazy as of lately, so if you’re traveling soon, BOOK immediately! I also recommend looking for deals within the rental companies. Sometimes car share may be a cheaper option for your trip. Uber, Lyft, etc

  • Activities - this is the best part to me. I love finding different things to get into when going to another city or country. This also helps when pricing out a trip because some activities may require a down payment or pre pay before going. For example: parks, private tours, boat rides, etc. If you're a planner, like me, then this will be great because you know what days you're doing certain activities.

  • Food - going out can add up pretty quickly. depending on the city/ location, you’ll have plenty of dining options. SAVE your $$$ to experience fine dining, and new cuisine during your trip.

  • Shopping - whether its at the mall or local boutiques, I always find a way to shop. Some things are just to cute to pass up. Save your coins to bring back se great gifts for family & friends. OR for yourself!

I hope these SIX tips were helpful and you think of them before taking your next vacation. If you like posts like this, let me know down in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️



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