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Let’s Talk: Weight loss

At the beginning of the year I made a goal that I would live a healthier lifestyle. Changing my diet, increasing my water intake, and getting more exercise. I started off small - working out daily in short increments or only doing so many reps. I went at my own pace, which helped me stay motivated.

I started my fitness journey in January and boy it has been tough. Mainly tough to stay motivated on the days you're feeling sore or just lazy. I have made MAJOR changes to my diet and I try to exercise daily, in the morning or at night. In the beginning, I would sometimes do two a days. Except I don't exercise on the weekends, which is when I allow myself time to rest. I cut out eating sugars and most dairy products and I was able to really tell the difference within the first two weeks. When I started this journey, I didn't have a specific goal or look in mind. I just wanted to start living an overall healthier lifestyle and it has been great.

Just a few weeks ago I hit a very big milestone in my WL journey and It has made me so excited for the future. So I decided that I would turn it into a series on my blog page while I'm going strong. I thought it would be fun to document things I'm doing, goals i've hit, struggles of the journey, etc. I also will be featuring different athletic wear. I have come to find out all leggings aren't good to workout in. My interest has peaked in buying comfortable, cute athletic wear.

Please follow me on Instagram — @talkswithtayy or CLICK the icon at the bottom of the screen. I will be starting an IGTV series on my WL journey and I will go into more details of this process.

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