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“We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky ”

I recently put in a big order from Savage X Fenty by Rihanna and lets just say I was so happy when it arrived. I had been contemplating ordering from this company for a while, as the R&B, Hip-Hop star, Rihanna, launched this company back in 2018. As a women who isn't a standard size in your typical bras, I was very hesitent. I just didn't want to invest in something that didn't work or fit right. So y'all, why did I order like 7 bras? Not just 1 to try out for the first time, I bought 7. LOL, I don't know what I was thinking, I think I saw how cute they looked and the price I was getting them for, so I just ordered it all.

If you're like me and you knew of the brand, but didn't know how the checkout works, I'll explain. So Savage X offers VIP Membership to their customers, where you pay a monthly fee of $49.50 for the items that you purchase. Savage X offers 25% off all items for VIP Members. There is an option to pay outright for the items that you want, so you can do a regular check out without signing up for a membership. If you do become a VIP Member, you have the opportunity to "skip a month" if desired, and you won't be charged.

However, there's a cutoff date and if you didn't cancel before the cutoff date it will charge your account. So just make sure you're staying on top of it, if you forget to cancel, a credit will be added to your account. I love how size inclusive Savage X is, carrying items from an XS - 3X. I love that this brand is available to women of all shapes and sizes. As all women are beautiful in their own way, no matter their size or shape. Lingerie can make a woman feel so good, so having a brand to offer great items for all is amazing.

To all the girls with the tig ole bitties, I know the struggle of finding the perfect bra. So I was very anxious waiting for this order to come in. I will say for every single item I ordered, the material is EVERYTHING! There was not one bra that I didn't like & it didn't look good, as far as design goes. However, I will say that as a women who wears a size DDD, I didn't think all my bras were true to size. Having a larger bust, I've had my fair share of experiences when it comes to the perfect bra. So I will say that maybe depending on the bra, you may need to go a size up. The bras with wiring had a more snug fit than the bras I order without wiring.

This brand is known for its cute lingerie, bra & panty sets, they also carry loungewear and sleepwear. My next purchase will definitely have some of those items, as I have been eyeing this onesie that looks so comfortable. Overall I say this brand isn't bad, they have so many colors and designs to pick from. I will say that if they have popular pieces they sell out almost immediately. Most times if you're looking for an item(s) that you saw through an instagram promotion, they will be SOLD OUT.

Below I am going to list out all of the items I purchased, along with a few details about each item. So this Savage X order had a total of seven bras, I really wanted different colors but of course all the styles were sold out in the sizes I needed. So most of my ordered consisted of black bras, which I didn't mind because I like black and it goes with everything.

Floral Lace Racerback Bralette in Black - this was the only bra I wish I would've sent back because it didn't fit AT ALL. I don't even think if I switched to another size it would fit properly either. I normally don't wear bralettes like this one because normally stores don't carry cute styles or sizes for girls with a bigger bust.

Cotton Essentials Bralette in Black Caviar Logo Print- this is hands down one of my favorite because its so comfortable & I typically wear it around the house. It doesn't have any padding which I LOVE. I find it to be the perfect style to where while cozy in the house.

Savage Not Sorry Microfiber low-cute Balconette Bra - this is another favorite because the girls look great in it! I find this bra super comfortable and a great fit. I have the right amount of coverage & back support.

Savage Not Sorry Unlined Lace Balconette Bra in Black Caviar & Purple Lavender - I am a big fan of bras without wiring so I was very excited to these out & I LOVE them. I actually am going to order two more in different colors. Not sure which ones yet because the colors I like are always sold out.

Savage Not Sorry Lightly Line Laces Balconette Bra in Black Caviar - another favorite, that I will be ordering in a few more colors. My first time wear this bra was with a cute black body suit that was mesh. I LOVED how it looked and I felt so good when wearing it.

This was all for my SAVAGE X order, if you guys liked this please leave me a like or a comment. I may do a part two to this when I receive my next order, so stay tuned for that. Also if you want more fashion hauls/ brand reviews let me know in the comments below. DONT FORGET to follow my instagram page for blog updates & more content. If you want to know when I upload a blog, subscribe to my website & turn on the post notifications.

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