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Shopping Tips Before Vacation

If you’re anything like me; before I leave for a trip I make 1-2 BIG orders from my favorite inexpensive online brands. Most brands have great sales/deals during the summer, which makes it the perfect time to put in an order

Tays shopping tips are below ⬇️

1) Give yourself enough time! do not make a last minute order unless you are certain the pieces will work out. Ordering things last minute can cause extra stress. Especially with brands like SHEIN or Pretty Little Thing where there shipping takes extra time.

2) Buy smart! I don’t always shop for complete looks or matching sets. However, when I do I always look for something that could pair with clothes I already own. It’s good to mix & match. This saves me some extra money because I’m not looking for more. For instance I may have a few pairs of shorts. I’ll look for tops that can go with any pair. Sometimes that helps me to not over pack.

3) YOU can never have too many swimsuits. I always over pack swimsuits when going on vacation. Brands like SHEIN have an amazing swimsuit collection & they are so cheap. I was even able to interchange some items with other pieces. For ex. I owned a black swimsuit & I had a cute cover up dress that paired with a bikini originally. However it went great with my one piece. i had two swimsuits that i could pair with 1 cover up.

4) Go to the Travel section in stores. I like to have certain full size items when on vacation but most times travel size items will do. If I want to bring my own soaps or lotions I will buy small fillable travel size bottles. This helps save money so you don’t have to buy things when you get to your destination. they also had great travel size cleaning supplies. Clorox wipes, Lysol, fabric spray, tide, etc.

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My vacation recap blog post will be going up TOMORROW 6/19 at 12:00 pm.

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