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Spring Is Here

a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

I love the winter but I am so happy to say goodbye and welcome in the spring. The weather has been amazing and the spring showers are here. The best thing about spring is being able to refresh a space and opening the windows. I did a deep cleaning and also made some minor changes to my room to welcome in this new season. I highly suggest re-organizing your living space, switching up some decorations, or bring in a new spring scented candle. Not only did re-organizing my room me peace of mind but it also felt good to see some new.

We are also 3 1/2 months into 2021 and I honestly cannot believe it. Time is just going by so fast, it's crazy to think that COVID started a year ago. So much has changed in a year. I am thankful to look back at my life ago and now, to be in a much better space. It's crazy how much was going on around us, but from everything that was endured, I've grown so much.

I'm excited for the warm weather and all the joy this season change is going to bring. I really try to be outside as much as I can when the weather is nice. So I will be excited to change my scenery with working from home. I also love spending time with my family, doing outdoor activities.

What changes are you thinking of inviting in to start this season off? Let me know in the comment below & don't forget to subscribe to my blog page. Just click the on the contact tab. Also, keep up with me on my social media pages to see what I'm up to or content updates.

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