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Another Look 💜

Just another photo gallery with this look I did earlier this week. My sister literally kills my makeup every single time. She is so great with eye makeup and color. I love when she gets in her little creative modes, I give her free reign to do whatever. I know she won’t have me out here looking crazy 🤣

Yall this top was gorgeous and very different from what I would typically grab. And she was cute for photos but it was so uncomfortable. This black top is a bodysuit from fashion nova. I think we all know Fashion Nova can be hit or miss with their clothes. This was cute but I didn’t snap it because the snaps were very flimsy and the turtle neck was straight up choking me. I literally had to stop my pictures for a second to breathe. I typically don’t wear turtle necks so I think that’s why. If I could go back I would probably order a bigger size.

As you can see I did an outfit change.. When I left my house I put on something a little more comfor table and casual. This was my first time wearing these over sized ripped jeans.

Do you guys like these photo galleries and mini hauls? Let me know in the comments✨


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