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Let’s Talk Skincare & Healing

So I guess today is the day I’m opening up about one of my BIGGEST insecurities hands down. My skin. Growing up I remember taking regular routine trips to see an esthetician early. My grandmother would always take me. She definitely played a BIG role in how I take care of myself today. She also introduced me to the my esthetician who I go to now.

I never had many issues with my skin (acne & scarring) when I was younger. The typical breakout sure, but nothing drastic. When I went off to college, maybe even right before, my skin took a turn for the worst. I mean a full 360 - I went from glowing & clear skin, to spot/acne prone & dry skin. I would have periods of time where my skin would clear up but it would revert right back.

I had no idea what to do or think. I thought it was so many different things. From the water at school, my diet, lack of exercise, etc. I stopped seeing my esthetician while in college because I was in a completely different state. So for 4 years I struggled with what was going on & how I could make changes on my own without going to a professional. I tried every product, healing agent, treatments, you name it.

I have pictures of my worst skin days, something I’m not super comfortable with sharing on this platform yet but believe me it gets bad. The look of my skin would just make me so uncomfortable. I would definitely mask my spots/scaring by wearing makeup. I think this was one of the reasons I learned how to do it (my makeup) so well. While I knew how to cover it up, I didn’t always feel the need to wear it. I wasn’t trying to do a full face of makeup everyday and honestly I didn’t think that would help solve my skin issues. I also felt like masking it would only make it worse. So while I was super insecure about it I never did the most to hide it. I was uncomfortable to be in public sometimes, I felt that people would stare. maybe that was just me overthinking, but that’s what happens when you have an insecurity.

As a woman you hear so many things that could effect your body in different ways. I thought maybe birth control was taking a toll on my skin. This issue was one of the primary reasons of why I decided to stop. Honestly I’ve looked into everything that could be making my skin break out. After much thought and discussion with my esthetician I decided to see a Dermatologist so that I could really move past this.

LETS BE REAL FOR A SEC - one of my main hookups in starting this process and why I prolonged it, is because this can be pricey. Planning regular trips to see the determatologist and an esthetician is not cheap. My insurance only covers some of the cost. So keep in mind I’m paying for the visit, treatments, such as lazer, and the medication itself.

I had many reservations and mixed feelings about receiving treatments. My skin is very sensitive and the last thing I want or need is to have a horrible reaction. However, after multiple appointments and speaking with a professional I’ve started treatments which includes a prescription and regular appointments with my esthetician. However, I‘ve been so hopeless and I wanted things to change.

I shared all of this to say, we all have our own insecurities. I consider myself pretty confident but I have bad days when I don’t feel that way at all. Specifically speaking on this topic, skin care, is something many people struggle with. Acne and scarring is something the average human deals with. It’s a topic that should be addressed more. Making people comfortable in every process. Ask yourself, who doesn’t want clear, glowing skin? I hate that something like this can really affect the confidence of another person. I’m hoping that by using my voice and this platform others will be more comfortable.

It can be a process though, so in this process of healing. I am here to be a support to others as well as a light in my own life knowing that this is temporary and soon this issue will go away.

look for my skin care routine on my IG PAGE xoxo,



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