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Happy New Year

It's 2021!!! WOW, the New Year is finally here and I am more than happy. Happy to say see ya 2020, a year full of changes, setbacks, disappointment, and growth most importantly. This year is the beginning of a new beginning, not sure where God is leading me, but I'm ready.

I just wanted to come on here and say THANK YOU to everyone who joined the #twt family. I am so happy that in 2020 I launched talkswithtayy and my website. While starting that was a journey in itself, now I am focusing on building and maintaining it. So now that I have more time on my hands, more content will be coming your way. Please follow my FB & Instagram page to keep up with me on social media. Also, this will be a place where I post updates about my blog posts, what's to come, what I am working on, or questions about what you may want to see from me in the future. This blog was one of my biggest blessings in 2020.

Now it's time to continue what I started and build from here. So thanks to everyone who has supported my journey from the beginning and I hope you'll stick around for more.

I wish for nothing but prosperity, peace, happiness, growth, and love for everyone this year.

Until next time,


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Mocha Hopkins
Mocha Hopkins
Jan 06, 2021

Thank you Tayy❤️🥰😘

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