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Let's Talk: Early Holiday Grabs

WOW. Thanksgiving is just a week away and I can't believe this month is just flying by. As I have warned in previous blog posts, I LOVE Christmas. It is my most favorite holiday and time of year. To the decorating, finding a new ornament for the tree, and of course SHOPPING. I absolutely love shopping for other people, I like seeing others reactions to what I get them. I know Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, but I feel it's also about giving. Whether that's giving love, a gift, reaching out to someone, overall showing appreciation, and gratitude. This year things are so different, as I don't think this pandemic will allow many of us to be with our families. However, there are still ways to celebrate safely with those in your home.

I want to share with you some early Christmas buys I got and some deals you should look out for during this Holiday season. I recently went to Home Goods as they have all of their Christmas decorations out, and I couldn't resist purchasing a few items. I also took a quick trip to Target, and they have almost all of their Christmas decor out, trees, wrapping supplies, lights, ornaments, etc.


  • Wrapping Paper- This year I wanted to pick out wrapping paper that I would use to wrap all of my gifts. At home, we have a HUGE container full of different kinds of wrapping paper. I wanted to switch things up and add my own personal touch to the gifts this Christmas. I picked out three rolls of wrapping paper and they were all under $3.

  • SAND + FOG Candle $14.99 - The only candle brand I like from Home Goods is the Sand + Fog candles. They had a candle that smelled just like Christmas and I had to get it. The top of the candle even had a cute Christmas design.

  • Gift Tags & Gift Bags- I saw a pack of 75 Christmas gift tags for only $3. There were many different designed


  • Cookie Cutters $1.00 - If you love baking or if you're trying to find a way to spend time with family, this is perfect. These are Christmas shapes for whatever cookies you and your family want to bake.

  • Blank Christmas cards $1.00 - perfect for gifts with gift cards or if you want to write a cute specialized note!

These are all of the Christmas items I'm choosing to share so far and I'm so happy the holidays are finally here - make sure to follow my Instagram where you can keep up with all things Christmas. (in the month of December) Leave me a comment & let me know what you guys are shopping for.

Until next time,


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Mocha Hopkins
Mocha Hopkins
Nov 26, 2020

Tay Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior and be a blessing to all the ones that I love and cherish. Christmas will be so different yet it be the same as we can do so much virtually. I love the personal touch of wrapping paper too. I came upon remaining rolls unused wrapping paper purchased after Christmas and will be using some of that but of course I will to Home Goods to see what I can find.

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