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My Must Have Items When Traveling

Recently I took a trip to Nashville and it was absolutely amazing, warm weather and even better food. I wanted to share with you my must have items I need when traveling. Due to Covid, and just being cautious, I packed a few extra supplies so I wouldn’t need to buy anything from the store or hotel.

if you want to know more about my must haves when traveling, keep scrolling.

Typically before I travel I go to target & load up on supplies I need for an upcoming trip. From snacks, toiletries, extra film, or a portable charger.

Cleaning Products

  • Lysol is an absolute MUST HAVE when traveling. Whether you stay at a hotel, or an Airbnb, you should spray the whole room down. I brought a full can but I know stores carry smaller ones. If not, always go on AMAZON.

  • Febreze fabric spray is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE. I recommend spraying the furniture in your hotel room or Airbnb before using. It sanitizes the room and makes it smell super fresh.

  • Wipes are also important when traveling. Clorox, Wet-Ones, and I like adding the cottonelle flushable wipes.

Toiletries - In the travel section at the stores, typically everything is always under $5 so these items are affordable. Most of these items I already had and also I didn't mind bringing a few full size items. All of these items can be found in the travel section

  • toothbrush & cover

  • spray bottles

  • loofah

  • cotton swabs

  • mouthwash

  • deodorant

  • tissue

  • soap/ lotion

  • makeup wipes or micellar water

  • moisturizer

  • perfume

  • hand sanitizer

  • lotion

  • travel size containers with caps- this was helpful especially with my natural hair. I was able to pack my hair care items in these. It was nice and convent to have all items I needed without bringing the full size and adding more weight to my luggage. This could also be used for soaps and lotions or oils.

Chargers - whenever I travel I always have a bag specifically for all of my chargers. I seriously don't know how people just stuff chargers in the bag. I would be scared I would lose it or I would forget it.

What inside my charger bag?

  • portable charger & battery

  • iPhone chord

  • apple watch charger

  • 2 6ft long chords

  • computer

Traveling with these items I have listed has made my trips very easy and super affordable. I love not having to worry about picking up items whenever I go on a trip, especially if it's quick. Do you guys want more tips or tricks on great ways to travel?

let me know in the comments or leave me message.

Until next time,



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