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Our First Time Seeing The Chicago Bulls - pictures & more!

Growing up in Chicago you hear so many amazing stories about the Bulls! Whether it’s the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen era, along with the many championships they won. Or Derrick Rose - former Chicago Bull & legend aka the REAL MVP, born & raised in Englewood.

Never had I ever experienced a Bulls game before. I’ve been to the United Center many times but never for an NBA game. It’s crazy because basketball has played a huge part of my life. From family members playing and my dad being a coach til this very day. Knowing the game is a BIG part in who I am. Also, I have seen so many games, high school & college, even WNBA, but never this.

We had a family day - my mom, dad, sister and I all went to see the Bulls play against the 76ers. It was a great game, but the bulls fell short. How amazing that we got to experience it all together. Last year was very tough on my family, so this year we made a promise to ourselves to live life to the fullest. Spending quality time and experiencing things together is exactly what we want to do.

If last year taught us anything it’s live life and make more memories with the people you love most. ❤️❤️❤️ Plus, theres nothing like quality time, basketball, and some bomb drinks!

Its actually funny because we went to back-2-back games. That wasn’t planned at all but it was fun to experience & see different match ups. I highly recommend getting back out there.

I honestly felt safe in this environment. Masks are required & also the venue requires proof of vaccination or negative COVID test results. All around I wasn’t concerned about the health or safety measures they have in place.



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