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WOW. I cannot believe my blog has been in full spin for one year, to this exact date. It’s crazy because it feels like I was just planning everything out and pulling things together for my launch date. September 8, 2020. I literally had enough money to pay for my domain name and I saved enough to pay for my subscription to keep up the website up and going for a year.

I didn’t want help from my parents to pay for anything. I wanted this to be something I built on my own, without help, and it’s been tough. There‘s so much that goes into having something of your own. Especially on this platform, coming up with ideas, content creating, etc. Throughout this first year I found myself in a few creative droughts, which I didn’t expect to happen so early on. I love creating content and finding ways to share my experiences on my blog, but I am also a creative for my profession. So I was feeding into my blog and working as well. Creative droughts suck. However, when I reach that point, I look at it as me needing to rest and reset.

What a year its been. I started this blog again, not knowing where it would go and who would come along for the journey, but I believed that it could turn into something beautiful. The first year of building this has been exciting, fun, and fulfilling, but it also has been hard, I’ve hit creative blocks, I’ve changed some things and re-branded. It was a year full of many unexpected twists and turns, but I also had some victories. Very small ones, but I count them as wins.

Talks With Tay is just the start to my brand and although it’s not where I envision it to be yet, I know that time is coming. Many people ask me what’s my vision because I’ve had the option to work with different brands and make money but I haven‘t. While I would love some branding opportunities in the future, I want it to be authentic and not just collecting a check for a brand I don’t care about or don’t know of that well.

I see so many people who jump into working with any brand. If I have something attached to my name, it’s because I like it, and I want others to know about it. Many people work with any brand that doesn’t represent them or what they stand for. My first year blogging has been to show my passion for writing, sharing my life experiences, and seeing what life is like being a full time content creator.

This blog has challenged my ways of thinking, what I share, how I share it, ways to stay relevant in what I’m sharing. Being a content creator is not easy, but it’s rewarding when you really enjoy what you do. My following may not be where I thought it would be just yet, but I know that will come with time. I just have to continue to show up for myself and this space.

I take my blog seriously, but also very lighthearted at the same time. I’ve always enjoyed photography and recording moments and memories I make with friends, family, etc. My blog is just my way of sharing those experiences, fashion & beauty trends I like, traveling, and food. Sometimes I may be super transparent and open about daily struggles.

Talks with Tay is just the start of my beautiful brand/business I am creating. While I have many ideas, I haven’t fully figured everything out just yet. I know God will continue to use me and guide me to where I need to be. Giving me the ability to provide great content and being authentic on this platform with you all.

I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported me within this year, it has meant so much to me. It has kept me going. The village I have behind me that supports my dreams is enough for me to keep going, knowing that one day the impact will be BIG. So cheers to a YEAR of blogging. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me and this platform. Thank you all again for joining me on this fun, yet crazy ride.

Love always,


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