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Talks With Tay Update

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

welcome back! :)

This first year of blogging has made me really think about what changes I want to see & bring to my blog. So I have some great ideas that I want to bring into this creative space within this next year. These new ideas will get started on my blog in October - just in time for fall season. Just wanted to give you all a heads up about what’s to come.

Real Talk blog series is coming in October. Every Tuesday I will upload a real talk blog post - depending on the topic I may have short clip or IGTV to go on my Instagram. Real issues or important topics within the fashion or beauty industry.

Twitter COMING SOON - I will be starting a Twitter page specifically for my blog page. where I will post blog updates, graphics, fashion and art. FOLLOW ME @talkswithtayy

Fashion Tab all fashion that I have worn will be seen here will be featured. This tab on my blog will be a new feature for all things fashion. From content, items, fashion hauls, updates, codes, etc. Inspiration - style, trends, designers, shows, etc.


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